How a local doctor is bringing exceptional care to the Manhattan community

The Manhattan Medical Group Walk-In Clinic offers a wide variety of treatments, whether someone needs help with seasonal allergies or has a small cut on their hand. (Katelin Woods | Collegian Media Group)

In a neighborhood not far from campus, there is a mismatched array of houses. It is a street peppered with brightly colored doors, neutral-colored shutters and houses of all shapes and sizes. But tucked in with the homes and backyards, there is also the Manhattan Medical Group.

Manhattan Medical Group is a local, doctor-owned healthcare provider made up of four major parts, split between two buildings.

The primary Manhattan Medical Group facility is on top of the hill on Amherst Avenue, containing the Heart and Vascular Clinics and the Vein Clinic of Kansas. The group also includes the Mosier & Mosier Family Physicians building, which is home to both a primary care office as well as the group’s new and improved walk-in clinic.

“There’s a huge need for primary care,” said Gayle Donaldson, marketing and business development director for the group. “People need their regular doctors, and there’s just a ton of people in Manhattan. If for some reason you can’t get in to see your regular doctor, you can just walk right into the walk-in clinic.”

The Manhattan Medical Group was born when Dr. Priyantha Ranaweera, currently an interventional cardiologist at the Heart and Vascular Clinics, acquired the Mosier & Mosier building last summer.

“He created Manhattan Medical Group to be able to provide more comprehensive medical services,” Donaldson said.

Doctors Steve and Mike Mosier are brothers who owned the building that is now home to the primary care office and walk-in clinic. The Mosiers retired from their practice at the end of March.

Dr. Ranaweera’s clinic actually started in a corner of the Mosier & Mosier building in 2012, but as his business grew, he moved his expanding operation to the top of the hill.

With the brothers’ retirement, an opportunity presented itself. At the start of the year, Mosier & Mosier started operating as part of Dr. Ranaweera’s expanding group. The walk-in clinic, which Donaldson said has been tried in several fashions and locations around Manhattan, also opened its doors in its new location.

“It just made a lot of sense to kind of centralize the medical services here,” Donaldson said. “We are trying to provide a more full spectrum of medical services in Manhattan. We have a lot of doctors with a lot of specialties.”

Donaldson said the goals of the facilities aren’t that different from any other healthcare provider someone might encounter, but the Manhattan Medical Group has policies that are more patient-oriented than a typical walk-in clinic.

“Our goal is to provide really exceptional patient care, and that extends beyond your appointment,” Donaldson said. “You might come in with some kind of ailment, but we want to make sure that in a few days, we’re going to follow up with you.”

While the Manhattan Medical Group is focused on the future, it is putting a big emphasis on promoting and growing the walk-in clinic.

To be seen at the walk-in clinic, patients do not need to make appointments, but are instead seen on a first come, first serve basis. The clinic offers a wide variety of treatments, whether someone needs help with seasonal allergies or has a small cut on their hand.

“Anything that you think you don’t need the emergency room for, but you should probably go see somebody, that is where the walk-in clinic can come in handy,” Donaldson said.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.

“We accept all types of insurance, including all types of student insurance, and we can do self-pay rates as well,” Donaldson said.

For more information about treatments provided by the Manhattan Medical Group, visit their website.

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