THEORY: Does a new coach mean new uniforms for K-State football?

A lineup of what new Wildcat football uniforms could potentially look like. (Photo Illustration by Acacia Thalmann and Brett Bolf | Collegian Media Group)

For the past 30 years or so, every time a Kansas State football fan watched the Wildcats play their best, their jerseys were always predictable.

And as of about 10 years ago, this was normal for every college football fanbase, but the uniform game has changed. Now, college teams often get new uniforms every few years or so — but the K-State football uniforms under former head coach Bill Snyder did not change at all.

So, with new head coach Chris Klieman beginning his reign this fall, is there any chance we will see new uniforms on the field soon?

One of the first questions Klieman had to answer from the Wildcat faithful during press coverage was if new (or at least alternative) uniforms were in the works.

Klieman said yes to that question, and most K-State fans are probably expecting big things now.

Personally, here are some uniform combinations I’d like to see the Wildcats wearing in the near future.

I would really like to see some uniforms with gray jerseys and purple pants — kind of like the opposite of traditional K-State football uniforms. The purple pants are something that we haven’t seen yet, and they would be a really cool addition to the jersey set.

Additionally, just like the men’s basketball team, I think it would be really cool if the football team incorporated lavender jerseys with purple pants. These would be a lot like the basketball uniforms and have the old Powercat logo on the helmet.

I would also like to see some variety in the helmets, with different logos and colors on them. This is an easy way to have different helmets, but you can keep the same jersey and pants with various helmets for variety.

Lastly, I think it’d be really neat to see a white jersey and white pants combination. This could be used for away games, say, once a year.

Oregon’s football team is famous for seemingly having new uniforms almost every week. Now, I don’t think the Wildcats will go to that extreme, but I do think it’d be fun to see some changes in the attire of the K-State football team this year.

Maybe we’ll even see new uniforms at the Spring Showcase? Here’s hoping.