REVIEW: ‘The Twilight Zone’ reboot brings the show into the 21st century


“The Twilight Zone” television series, which originally ran from 1958 to 1964, was one of the first to dive into suspense, science fiction and horror. The series’ episodes each had a lesson for the audience to learn. Since all the episodes had different characters, the host, Rod Serling, became the face of the popular series.

Serling was the driving force behind making “The Twilight Zone” possible. Serling is listed as the creator of the show and also credited in writing some of the episodes. The old series is still so popular that 24-hour marathons run two times a year in the summer and winter on the SyFy network.

Even though the show has had two reboots, the hosts couldn’t seem to match the same presence that Serling seemed to have. When the new reboot premiered on April 1, it gave me a bit more hope about the new show.

Jordan Peele made a name for himself in horror with his successful filmsGet Out” and “Us.” I don’t think there is anyone else who can pick up where Serling left off as our guide. Peele’s performance was one of my favorite parts of the night and as the only constant role in the episodes, he will make or break the series.

The 2019 reboot premiered with “The Comedian”, which is available on YouTube. “The Comedian” was an amazing start to the series; the episode told a very powerful story about the real price of fame.

I won’t give anything away, but I encourage you to check it out this weekend. With big stars like Tracy Morgan and Kumail Nanjiani starring in this episode, watching them to together will keep you interested and watching till the end.

More than anything else, I am glad to see the series back on TV updated for 2019 and excited to see what the writers can do. Serling left a huge legacy and I believe Peele is up to the task of doing it justice.

“The Twilight Zone” introduced me to of my favorite genres science fiction, and it eased me into horror. For better or for worse, I’m excited to step back into “The Twilight Zone.”

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