Think Local: Beer Goggles Superstore remodeling due to new liquor laws

Beer Goggles Superstore continually adds to its selection of alcohol as a way of uniquely serving the Manhattan community. (Rachel Hogan | Collegian Media Group)


It’s a bold proclamation, but the marquee above Beer Goggles Superstore certainly seems to demonstrate the liquor store’s unique spirit.

Inside Beer Goggles, the shelves are lined with various types of vodka, whiskey, tequila, beer, wine, rum and spirits, ranging from popular stuff to truly niche specialties.

Since the store’s opening in late 2008, co-owner Nick Acheson said the selection has only grown larger.

“There’s a lot more small groups of products — your local products that weren’t here [before],” Acheson said. “You know, your micro-breweries and your specialty distilleries and stuff that weren’t around when we started.”

Acheson said shoppers can also expect a remodeling project soon to celebrate the April 1 change in state liquor law that allows grocery and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer.

“Everybody should be looking forward to seeing the remodel that happens with that, that’s coming up soon,” Acheson said.

Additionally, with the weather warming up, Beer Goggles customers can find their favorite summer drinks appearing on the shelves soon.

“All your Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandies are in,” Acheson said. “Our summer beers are coming out. Natural Lite brought back their Naturdays last month. … We continue to bring in other items as they’re available.”

On Thursday, Beer Goggles announced on its Facebook page that three new products are available in-store: Endo Water sparkling hemp water, Avery Bug Zapper sour ale and Roadie Grapefruit Radler, which is a limited release.

Other recent additions include Bang energy drinks and Walnut River orange India pale ale from El Dorado, Kansas.

Frequent additions to the already wide selection of alcohol ensure that Beer Goggles stays competitive with other stores in town, Acheson said.

“We’re definitely one of the largest in town,” Acheson said. “We try to keep in stock what the locals are looking for.”

The large selection of products is also paired with sales and low prices.

“We do a lot of specialty beer sales on 30-packs,” Acheson said. “We have everyday low prices, so whenever people come in, they know there’s gonna be low prices.”

Additionally, every Tuesday is “Wine Tuesday.” Beer Goggles selects two featured wines to offer free samples of, with 20 percent off all wines.

Together, the sales and inventory bring in a “well-rounded” customer base of “anybody looking for a good deal and friendly customer service,” Acheson said.

Beer Goggles is located off of Tuttle Creek Boulevard, a few doors down from La Fiesta in one direction and RC McGraw’s in the other. The “OPEN” sign blazes red from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 8 p.m. Sunday.

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