Black Student Union adviser receives Big 12 Conference award for helping students

Brandon Clark, student programs coordinator for diversity and multicultural student affairs, also serves as the adviser for the Black Student Union at Kansas State University. (Caleb Pfeifer | Collegian Media Group)

The University of Missouri’s Legion of Black Collegians recognized Brandon Clark, Black Student Union adviser and student programs coordinator for diversity and multicultural student affairs, with an award at the annual Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government in late February.

In addition to Clark’s role as the BSU adviser at Kansas State University, he also serves as the adviser for the Big 12 Council on Black Student Government, which is a regional governing body made up of delegates from every university in the Big 12 Conference.

Every year, black student unions within the Big 12 gather at the conference, but this year, Clark was recognized for his many years of service and dedication within the Big 12 Council.

“Although the University of Missouri is no longer in the Big 12 athletic conference, they still participate in our council and the conference,” Clark said. “It was their turn to host the conference this year, and I really helped and advised in getting things ready for the conference. As a way to show their gratitude, they gave me this award.”

As the adviser for the Big 12 Council, Clark assists, advises and supports all black student unions within the conference, but he said he did not expect to receive an award for it.

“I had never been given an award for doing that before,” Clark said. “I was grateful for it. It was not required, needed or asked for, but it was certainly a surprise. To give me this award was basically a thank you for my help, but also recognizing and appreciating my years of service to the Big 12 Council.”

Clark’s years of service have not gone unnoticed for students in the BSU at K-State, either. Del’Sha Roberts, BSU president and senior in biology, said she thought Clark was very deserving of the award.

“Clark’s been doing work in diversity for a very long time, and he definitely knows what he’s doing,” Roberts said. “He knows what things should look like and what they shouldn’t look like, so he’s just very helpful in that aspect. … Clark’s very personable, and when you need something, he can help you find resources. He’s overall a great person.”

While Clark was appreciative of his award, he said he finds his job rewarding on its own.

“My favorite part of my job, whether that be here at K-State or working with the Big 12 Council, is of course the students,” Clark said. “I am a product of these organizations, like the Black Student Union. I was BSU president many years ago when I was an undergraduate student here at Kansas State University. I was a delegate and participant in the Big 12 Council on Black Student Government, and those organizations really helped to shape and mold me and helped me through my undergraduate years.”

Now working in student affairs, Clark said students continue to inspire him to do all that he does with passion and determination.

“I want to make sure that they’re successful and able to successfully navigate their way through the university, and that’s my main motivation,” Clark said.