Privilege fee emergency allocation passed, Rent College Pads CEO speaks during student senate


During the Student Governing Association senate meeting on Thursday, the bill to take $175,000 from the Privilege Fee Debt Reduction and Emergency Allocation Account to cover what was not received from student privilege fees passed 48-0.

Jansen Penny, student body president and junior in industrial engineering, proposed the bill last week. He restated his main points from the previous senate meeting about what the adjustment means for the future of the privilege fee.

“To make sure this type of situation doesn’t happen again, the committee will be a lot more analytical at looking at the potential drop for enrollment next year so we can hit a lot closer to a more accurate mark,” Penny said.

In addition, the student senate heard from Dominic Anzalone, CEO of Rent College Pads, Inc., about a potential partnership with Kansas State to develop an off-campus housing marketplace specifically customized for KSU students.

“Kansas State has a huge off-campus population, and we think there is a lot of opportunity to better serve students who live off campus,” Anzalone said.

Anzalone said some of the common struggles students have when looking for off-campus housing and described how his company’s platform can make the process easier for Kansas State students.

“Currently the process is tough if you are looking for housing for the first time in your life and have never signed a lease or looked for houses before, so we set out to solve this issue for you,” Anzalone said.

Rent College Pads wants to launch a university platform as part of K-State’s website as opposed to expanding the Manhattan market on their current website,

The student senate also unanimously approved new student senators and appointments to the judicial branch.

The student senate will reconvene May 2 at 7 p.m. in Wildcat Chamber.