From one Manhattan to another: Senior’s aspirations take her to the Big Apple

Nicole Buehler stands outside of McCain Auditorium with her euphonium. (Caleb Pfeifer | Collegian Media Group)

Nicole Buehler, senior in euphonium performance, will be making the move from the Little Apple to the Big Apple upon her graduation from Kansas State University this May.

Buehler is going to begin graduate school in Manhattan, New York, to pursue a master’s degree in library and information science at the Pratt Institute.

Buehler’s passions are simple and to the point.

“I like music, and I like libraries,” she said.

Buehler said she has been playing the euphonium since sixth grade and hated it at first. With time, the instrument grew on her, and she chose it for her undergraduate study at Kansas State.

The marching band was a big influence in her decision to come study at K-State, Buehler said. She was a member of the Pride of Wildcat Land all four years at K-State and held leadership positions, including music instructor and head section leader.

Additionally, Buehler has traveled to Kansas City once a week to practice as a member of the Fountain City Academy Brass Band. She also recently participated in a competition held by the North American Brass Band Association.

“[Driving to rehearsal and back] was a lot, but I loved it honestly,” Buehler said. “I got so much more as a musician from this group, because it’s a British brass band. So they utilize coronets, euphonium, baritone horn, trombones. There’s tenor horns, which most people have never heard of.”

Nicole Buehler plays the baritone horn in the Fountain City Academy Brass Band. (Courtesy Photo by Rob Daniels)

Buehler said she is excited to move to New York and hopes to find a British brass band there to join in order to continue her passion for brass.

In addition to her musical accomplishments, Buehler is a library ambassador for Hale Library. She said the position has included much more work after the Hale Library fire.

“People at the very beginning when they found out, they were like ‘Oh, your volunteer position is like nothing now, right?’” Buehler said. “We’re doing so much more. We’re trying to like let students know … the library is still here.”

Buehler has an upcoming senior recital at 1 p.m. Sunday, which will feature four songs on the euphonium. Buehler said her favorite piece is “Believe Me If All These Endearing Young Charms” by Simone Mantila.

“It’s an originally an old Irish poem written by Thomas Moore,” Buehler said. “So if you’ve ever heard the beginning of ‘Come On Eileen,’ that’s the little melody that plays right before the song starts.”

Buehler said that besides school, when time allows, she enjoys binging “Downton Abbey” and loves period movies and books, especially ones with exceptional music.

After earning her master’s degree, Buehler plans to be a music librarian, a dream she’s had since she got a job at a library in high school.

“I want to help benefit students in the best way I can,” Buehler said.

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