Ultimate Frisbee Club offers a way to meet new people with a similar interest

Darien Parr, then a sophomore in finance, makes a catch at the K-State Wizards' Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Denton, Texas on Feb. 5, 2017. (File Photo by John Benfer)

The Ultimate Frisbee Club at Kansas State University allows students to get involved, meet new people with the same interests and participate in exercise all at the same time.

Kyle Thompson, junior in nutritional sciences, said he loves the competitiveness of his team and how much of a brotherhood they’ve created.

“My hopes for next year are to prove that we are a high-level team and that we can play and compete against high-level competition,” Thompson said.

Anyone can join the club, no matter their experience or athletic level. All games take place on Sunday afternoons.

Luke Grieger, junior in horticulture and a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team, said he had never played frisbee or another sport competitively before joining. He said he truly enjoys the sports and the friends he has made through playing it.

“I feel accepted around my teammates, and it’s fun having people around you who have common interests,” said Grieger.

The Ultimate Frisbee season is coming up soon and these Wildcats are ready to make a turn for the best this season.