Find your fit: Eight ways to get involved on campus

Zoe Nicolet and Laura Strubing chat before the start of the Feminist Friday meeting on Nov. 22, 2018. (Alanud Alanazi | Collegian Media Group)

Looking for a place to jump in and get involved this fall? Here are eight easy ways to find your niche on campus and be part of the K-State family.

1. Head to the Activities Carnival

Don’t miss out on the Activities Carnival Aug. 29 at 6 p.m. Not only is it a great opportunity to learn about the multitude of student organizations you’ll have the opportunity to join, but chances are you’ll likely get some free stuff out of the deal.

There are more student organizations than I can possibly mention by name in this article, so to see if there’s a place for your specific interests/hobbies, try checking out this KSU Center for Student Involvement directory.

If you don’t find an established venue for your interests, you can also start your own club.

2. Attend K-State 360 events

K-State 360 is a program specifically designed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in co-curricular programs that are educational and potentially give students an edge in their fields.

3. Spend some time at the K-State Student Union

There’s always something going on at the Student Union, whether it’s student organizations tabling or Union Program Council events. Especially in lieu of Hale Library being closed, the Student Union is the ideal place to hang out and socialize between classes.

4. Get a job

Work is a great place to make social connections, and maybe lifelong friends. There’s tons of employment opportunities both on campus and within walking distance in Aggieville.

Moreover, don’t miss out on the career fairs in September for long-term networking opportunities.

5. Volunteer

Many campus student organizations will offer volunteer opportunities, but there are also other places you can volunteer around town.

Love animals? Check out T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter. Visit the Flint Hills Volunteer Center website for even more opportunities in the Manhattan area.

Chances are there are also probably opportunities on campus within your department that will help enhance your education and build your resume.

6. Talk to people

Perhaps the most simple advice on this list, getting to know neighbors and classmates will go a long way towards increasing your involvement at K-State. If you can, get to class early and get to know the people in your classes right off the bat. No matter how many hundreds of people are in your lecture, you never know who you’ll run into a couple years down the road in your more specialized classes or career field.

Learning to work together with people and building connections with people is just as, if not more, important than what you’ll actually learn from class.

7. Come write, get published!

I didn’t realize this until I was a junior, but any student can submit letters to the editor to the Collegian, the daily newspaper at Kansas State University. If you love to write and are interested in getting something published, come swing by the newsroom in Kedzie Hall and say hi, you don’t have to be a certain major to write. There’s also the Royal Purple Yearbook and Manhappenin Magazine for anyone interested in writing or photography.

8. Get connected on social media

Finally, following the above organizations on social media is a great way to keep up with upcoming events.

Rebecca Vrbas is senior in journalism and mass communications. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to

My name is Rebecca Vrbas. I’m the culture editor at the Collegian and a junior in journalism and mass communications. My hobbies include obsessing over an ever-expanding pool of musicals and cats (not the musical). I love writing because of the infinite intricacy of language, as well as its power to cultivate a sense of community through sharing experiences.