Privilege Fee Committee recommends one year continuance for Wildcat Watch


The Privilege Fee Committee recommended a one year continuance for Wildcat Watch and recommended the dependent student organization consider becoming a service organization.

Tyler Traxson, Wildcat Watch adviser and video production manager for the Division of Communications and Marketing, asked for a continuance of $45,000. Their allocation is two-fold: $30,000 for operation costs and $15,000 for equipment.

Kylie Ledford, sophomore in journalism and Wildcat Watch creative director, said the organization gives students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of creative videography under the Division of Communications and Marketing. Wildcat Watch provides video services for student organizations for little to no cost.

Michael Rencher, executive director of Wildcat Watch and sophomore in journalism, said a continuance does not allow for growth. However, Traxson said a three percent decrease would not hurt too much.

Thomas Ryckert, committee member and junior in finance, asked what the organization did with their surplus budget from years past. Traxson said it is a cushion in case equipment breaks.

“A lot of that surplus is happening within our operating budget,” Traxson said. “So we haven’t done a whole lot of advertising or marketing towards student groups or anything like that … That’s something that we’re definitely needing to be doing. The other thing we had that first year, we actually went over budget what we predicted for student crew hours.”

Alan Hinds, committee member and sophomore in agricultural economics, asked if Wildcat Watch would be interested in restructuring to become a service organization instead of a dependent student organization.

“It’s something we are still interested in and would like to know more,” Traxson said.

Natalie Jabben, committee member and junior in political science, said she would be more comfortable continuing funding to Wildcat Watch if their equipment was insured.

Their recommended continuance would extend their allocation for another year, meaning they would be up for review again by the 2020-2021 Privilege Fee Committee.

The motion passed 7-0.

These recommendations will most likely appear for the first reading in student senate on Thursday, Sept. 26.

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