#Caturday just got way cuter

(Katelin Woods | Collegian Media Group) Photo credit: Katelin Woods

The internet has given us access to very important information: fun facts that aren’t necessary, how tall your celebrity crush is, how to hard-boil an egg because you’ve never dared to cook before — and more. The most important internet content, however, is none other than pictures of fluffy animals.

Last week we asked you to send in photos of your feline friends for #Caturday. Here are our favorite felines from the comments:

@I_B_Hyphen_D served up what we all want — a kitten in a box:

Get ready for @AbigailRenfro1’s flirtatious kitty:

Whoever said black cats are bad luck hasn’t seen these babes:

@CaraWolverton’s turtle-colored cat is guaranteed to make you audibly screech in admiration:

The only sequence of four words that matter: Cat in a nightshirt.

If cats that are curled up aren’t already your obsession, look at these photos:

@Lauren_West4’s cat, Ozzy, is an absolute unit:

Orange cats are iconic. Here’s proof:

@Bailey115 sent in a photo of her gorgeous silver fur-baby:

Now, I present you with my cats: Snookie and Daisy. (Yes, I named one of my cats after a reality-TV star from “Jersey Shore.”)

My name is Katelin Woods and I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in public relations in May 2020. I worked as the first audience engagement manager of the Collegian from 2019 to 2020 and took photos for the multimedia staff. I was also the founding editor of the culture desk in 2018. I am an enthusiast of a poetry, pizza roll and pajamas.