Union Program Council hosts do-it-yourself decorating night

Students paint mugs and pumpkins at the UPC DIY to the MAX event. (Katelin Woods | Collegian Media Group)

Friday evening, the K-State Union Courtyard was filled with pumpkins, paint and people.

The Union Program Council After Hours committee put on an autumn-themed craft night called DIY to the MAX, providing a safe and creative space for students and community members.

“I really love to paint, so it’s fun to paint my own mug,” Susan Shelden, freshman in architecture, said.

Holly Wilson, senior in animal science and industry, said she heard about the event through her friends and flyers posted around campus. While she doesn’t consider herself an artist, she was eager to design her own fall decorations.

“I’m here for pumpkin painting. I’m not artistic, but, by god, I’m trying,” Wilson said.

Attendees were asked to take on one craft at a time, but the committee didn’t set a limit on the total number they could make. In addition to mugs and pumpkins, the committee also had blank puzzles, smooth rocks, wooden picture frames and a myriad of art supplies available for decorating purposes.

While supplies were plentiful, the After Hours event committee did face a few challenges. Committee members had to set up more tables than they planned to use as attendance was high for this event. They also had to make frequent reminders to return supplies not currently in use — specifically Sharpie paint markers, which proved to be high in demand throughout the night.

Aimee Neilsen said she’s been attending UPC events throughout her years at K-State and has high expectations.

“Last year they had a Bob Ross painting night, and if they have another one of those, I’ll go to that,” Neilsen said.

As is the case with several other UPC events, DIY to the MAX was free to attend. Students are asked to fill out a survey at the end of each event, and the committee uses the feedback they collect to ensure their events are enjoyable enough to continue.

On Friday, Oct. 11, the After Hours committee will be hosting a “Headphone Disco” in the Union Courtyard. Everyone attending will receive a free pair of earbuds to listen to music of their choosing as they dance the night away.