President Myers on ‘Why I Give Week’

President Myers gave students golf cart rides on Thursday and discussed the importance of philanthropy. (Courtesy photo by the Division of Communications and Marketing)

A usual weekday doesn’t necessarily include riding in a purple Powercat-themed golf cart for many of us — but for Why I Give Week, President Richard Myers took students on a joyride around campus.

“Why I Give Week” is a week-long series of events put on by the Kansas State University Student Foundation that focuses on philanthropy, each day having a different theme. The theme on Thursday was “time” and focused on the importance of random acts of kindness.

Monday featured “treasure” which was a gift card giveaway. Tuesday was “thanks” where Bakery Science Club cookies were given away when students completed a thank you note to Kansas State’s donors. Wednesday was “talent.” Students could learn to identify and donate their various talents. Friday was “testimony,” a chance for students to share their stories through use of a whiteboard and the hashtag #WhyIGive.

Student Foundation members, Max Harman, sophomore in biochemistry, and Ethan Kallenberger, senior in medical biochemistry, accompanied Myers on Thursday.

Kallenberger and Harman explained the importance of philanthropy: many of K-State’s buildings are funded through donations, such as Hale Library, the Business Administration Building and Holtz Hall, with additional projects like the upcoming McCain Auditorium lobby renovations. A large portion of donations to K-State come in the form of academic scholarships.

Myers emphasized the need for organizations and projects like the Student Foundation and K-State Proud.

“Needs pop up in the semester, and these stipends help students stay in school,” Myers said.

K-State Proud has reached over $1.4 million as it enters its fourteenth year.