Privilege Fee Committee approves the use of reserve funds for union repairs


The Privilege Fee Committee approved the use of R&R funds for the K-State Student Union 8 to 0. The union requested $220,000 to repair the Flint Hills Room and Cottonwood Room.

The two rooms are frequently used event spaces that are showing wear and tear, Craig Johnson, associate director of the Union and director of operations, said.

Renovations include replacing carpet, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, lighting, ductwork and technology.

“We’d like to go with paint,” Johnson said, in regards to replacing wallpaper. “We feel it will be much easier to patch and repair in the future.”

As for carpeting, Johnson is looking at a darker carpet that can hide stains easily and stand up to extended wear and tear. In addition, the new carpet will be done in squares for easier replacement if needed.

New lighting fixtures in the rooms will be adjustable LED lights to provide for intimate dinner settings as well as meetings and informal events.

“I don’t have an issue with legitimate repairs with a budget meant for repairs,” Natalie Jabben, committee member and junior in political science, said.

Renovations for the Flint Hills and Cottonwood rooms are expected to begin on Dec. 16 and be finished by Jan. 19, just in time for the spring 2020 semester.

Room 227, Johnson said, is the next room the Union hopes to update. That should take place over the summer of 2020.

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