From budgeting to cooking, Adulting 101 can pick up where academia leaves off

A workshop series organized by WellCAT Ambassadors aims to teach students life skills. (Photo Illustration by Cassandra Nguyen | The Collegian)

A new series of seminars hosted by the WellCAT Ambassadors aimed at teaching students skills like car maintenance and food safety has arrived.

Megan Katt, WellCAT Ambassadors’ adviser and health educator at Lafene Health Center, said she believes life skills fall to the wayside in favor of academia.

“People are being trained in their field – chemistry, architecture, math,” Katt said. “Life skills have been pushed aside.”

WellCAT Ambassadors, a departmental student organization under Lafene, is a group of certified peer health educators

“We are the liaison for all things health related,” Katt said. “This connects Lafene to other resources on campus and the student body. Peer educators focus on topics like sexual health, mental health, nutrition, physical activity and more.”

The idea for an “adulting” series arose after the program wanted to expand their presentations, said Anna Capps, WellCAT ambassador and junior in nutritional sciences.

“Ideas such as leasing tips and cooking meals came up,” she said. “After we continued talking, we decided that a series would be an opportunity for us to choose an array of different topics that college students would find useful in regard to adulting.”

From there, Adulting 101 was born, giving students eight different opportunities this semester to learn a variety of life skills. All workshops are partnered other organizations on campus specializing in a specific life skill — from cooking with Kramer Dining Center to housing information with Sarah Barr, Student Legal Services attorney.

Three workshops have occurred so far — the first focused on car maintenance.

“We had students from [Manhattan Area Technical College] demonstrate how to check fluids and how to change a flat tire,” Capps said. “This workshop was really hands-on, and it was great to learn from other students too.”

The latest workshop on food safety partnered with Kramer. Students received a food thermometer. The next workshop, focused on conflict resolution, will be Tuesday, Oct. 22.

“Conflict resolution is geared toward relationship issues and how to have that conversation, or working with different personality types in the workforce,” Katt said.

Another workshop with Powercat Financial will focus on money and finances.

“We are all facing the challenge of paying for college and also preparing for our future careers,” Capps said. “It can be hard to see how these money choices now will affect our lives later, but this event will help bring to light what we can be doing now to manage our finances.”

WellCAT Ambassadors is recruiting for next semester’s team. If students are interested, they are encouraged to apply by Oct 25.

“Students should join this program because it offers an excellent opportunity to become a leader and advocate for well-being along with other driven students,” Capps said. “I am proud of how WellCAT Ambassadors has grown in the past year. I believe that discussing mental health is crucial, and I am glad we are incorporating mental health into our presentation programs.”

Information about future events can be found online.