Chilling out: Fall activities provide comfort for students away from home

Students participate in many fall activities including pumpkin picking, watching scary movies and dressing up for Halloween. (Rowan Jones | Collegian Media Group)

The temperature is falling and the leaves are changing, meaning fall has officially come back to Kansas State. Fall can mean many things for students: midterms, Homecoming and Halloween are just a few.

For many freshmen, Halloween is their first holiday away from home.

Julia Brincks, freshman in business administration, is taking her first holiday away from home as a chance to have fun with new friends.

“It’s sad to not be home, but I am excited for events here,” Brincks said. “I am excited for Halloween and Homecoming.”

Going to the pumpkin patch, watching scary movies and decorating dorm rooms are just some of the things students do to get in the Halloween spirit and take away a bit of homesickness. Abby Perkins, sophomore in animal sciences, said she misses home but is celebrating in new ways.

“My family usually has a Halloween party, and I was pretty sad that I had to miss it, but I like experiencing a new Halloween,” Perkins said.

Perkins said she loves doing Halloween activities with her friends to help get her mind off stressful midterms.

For other students, Homecoming is something else they the look forward to. Kaitlynn Simms, senior in chemistry and member of Kappa Delta, looks forward to participating in Homecoming every year and doing fall activities with her friends.

“I really love going to the pumpkin patch and baking cookies, watching movies and just hanging out with friends,” Simms said.

Fall is always full of activity and color, and the break from the summer heat brings a welcome change to campus. The fire in the K-State Student Union looks more cozy as the temperature drops.