TFSC approves College of Human Ecology fee review


On Tuesday evening, the Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee voted to accept the College of Human Ecology course fee review report.

John Buckwalter, dean of the College of Human Ecology (now known as Health and Human Sciences), first presented to the committee on Oct. 1.

The proposed fees, per credit hour, were as follows:

  • Health and Human Sciences general course fee- $20
  • Kinesiology- $15
  • Apparels, Textiles and Interior Design- $30
  • Institution of Personal Financial Planning- $50

Approximately 70 percent of the income generated is returned directly to the department from which it came, and the remaining 30 percent is distributed between the Dean’s Office, the departments and a reserve fund.

According to Buckwalter’s presentation, in the fall of 2018, the income obtained by the fees was $466,980. In the spring of 2019, it was $446,680. The biggest expense covered by this income is funding personnel salaries, which used roughly 58 percent of the course fees collected in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Other notable expenses include classroom and equipment renovations at 12 percent and instructional fees at eight percent. Some of the lesser expenses include the college’s graduate student support program at 5 percent and travel awards at 7 percent.

Any faculty or department head wishing to use the money generated must have their reasoning approved by Buckwalter to ensure it’s student focused.

Following a very brief discussion on Oct. 8, the nine present committee members moved and seconded a motion to vote to accept the review report.

The TFSC voted unanimously to approve the Health and Human Sciences general course fee (9-0-0).

The three departmental fees were each approved with a majority vote.

On Oct. 29, TFSC will begin reviewing the College of Engineering course fee report.