Meet one of your new student ambassadors: Chaz Corredor

Samantha Bond (left) and Chaz Corredor are K-State's new student ambassadors. (Aubrey Bolinger | Collegian Media Group)

Chaz Corredor, junior in finance, is one of the recently announced student ambassadors who will represent Kansas State for the next year at K-State Alumni Association events around the state.

Between participating in Homecoming festivities and winning the student ambassador election, Corredor described the past week as “incredible.”

Corredor, like everyone else, found out about the student election results in front of a crowd of thousands of football fans in Bill Snyder Family Stadium on Saturday.

“It was definitely kind of a blur,” Corredor said. “It felt like two hours, but also like two minutes at the same time. It was kind of a crazy feeling, out of body experience almost.”

Corredor said his experience with New Student Services — giving campus tours and scheduling visits for prospective students — helped prepare him for the position of serving as a student ambassador for K-State.

“I kind of wanted to make my mark, leave my legacy on campus, and I figured there was no greater way to connect with like, all sorts of demographics — like future students, present students obviously and then former students and alumni,” he said.

Besides his experience with New Student Services, Corredor has been involved as a member of Delta Sigma Phi, where he served as director of philanthropy and vice president of recruitment.

When he’s not busy studying accounting or giving tours, Corredor said he likes watching and playing sports, visiting the zoo and cooking.

“I’m really ambitious, I have really cool recipes I have in mind, but then they don’t pan out as well,” Corredor said. “So I’m trying to get better at cooking.”

Corredor said he sees being a student ambassador as an opportunity to give back to K-State, and said the experiences he has gained have helped him grow as a leader.

“I love how K-State has changed me,” Corredor said. “I think I’ve become much more of a leader than a follower.

Corredor said while he was super excited for the opportunity to serve in this role, he wanted to remind students that even if they don’t have a title somewhere that doesn’t mean you can’t serve K-State or serve whatever organization you love.

“We’re all kind of student ambassadors, you know, for K-State,” Corredor said. “We all represent our university.”

Samantha Bond, the second half of the student ambassador pair, was unavailable for an interview.

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