Student senate introduced new legislation in short meeting


The Student Governing Association senate discussed the recommendations made by the Joint Committee on Officer Compensation, introduced legislation to create a special committee and tabled a constitutional amendment on Oct. 31.

Senators introduced a bill attempting to disprove the findings of JCOC regarding the salaries of SGA leadership.

Highlighting the agenda was the introduction of a bill that would disapprove the recommendations made by the Joint Committee on Officer Compensation regarding the salaries of SGA leadership.

Carson Tjelmeland, a junior in chemical engineering and co-author of the bill, summarized the bill to the senate by summarizing some of the more important clauses in the bill.

“The 2019 JCOC report failed to state the criteria for how salaries were determined,” Tjelmeland said. “The report failed to explain the rationale for the compensation of positions that in the past have been unpaid, and the report issued has inconsistencies relating to the On-Campus and Travel Allocations based on inaccurate information about outdated titles of KSU SGA Officers.”

A bill for the creation of a Special Committee on the reform of the Diversity Programming Committee was also considered before the senate. The committee would work to outline new guidelines and procedures for DPC.

In addition, an amendment to the SGA Constitution regarding the Office of Student Activities and Services was tabled for final action next week.

Andrew Booze, a sophomore in computer science and author of the bill, said there were not enough people present in senate to vote favorably on the amendment, so it should be tabled.

“We only have 38 people present here for this meeting, so we do not have enough people currently present and we only have three proxy’s … because voting for a constitutional amendment requires three fourths of the total amount of senators, which would currently be 45 senators,” Booze said.

The senate will reconvene 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7 in Wildcat Chamber.