THINK LOCAL: Beer Goggles renovating store because of new liquor laws

Beer Goggles Superstore, located in the Bluehills Shopping Center, has a wide selection of wine, beer, and spirits. (Sarah Millard | Collegian Media Group)

Off of Tuttle Creek Boulevard in the Bluehills Shopping Center lies a haven for all drinking preferences. Lining the shelves are commonalities within the drinking sphere along with obscure finds like golden speckled wine and craft beer from remote places.

Beer Goggles opened its doors in October of 2007. Co-owner Nich Acheson has seen many shifts in drinking trends since then and has followed the market accordingly. One of the ways this establishment seeks to keep up with current shifts in liquor laws and trends is through renovation.

A recent Kansas liquor law now allows the selling of ‘party goods’ such as pop and ice within liquor stores. Because of this Beer Goggles no longer has to keep these items separate.

“Previously we couldn’t sell anything in the liquor store besides liquor and state-regulated items such as Powerball,” said Acheson.

At the first of the new year Beer Goggles’ 2020 resolution is to undergo renovations to the front counter to make room for this new opportunity. This will make the shopping experience at Beer Goggles much more swift when a forgotten mixer is right at checkout.

Acheson shared that he is excited about these new changes around the store and the Christmas sales they are offering in the near future.

Come wintertime Beer Goggles will be offering special deals to warm you up.

“We’ll be having our 12 days of Christmas leading up to 24th with lots of sales and specials this month,” said Acheson.

Their weekly ‘Wine Tuesday’ deals will also be applicable during the winter months. Along with the discount on your favorite vino, wine samples are served from 5 to 7 p.m. at night on Tuesdays.

With the cold weather steadily (or not-so-steadily) approaching, Beer Goggles shares suggestions for your new winter favorite on their Facebook page.

Beer Goggles’ recommended pairing KC Bier Company’s 12-pack that features four different german-styled beers with your Thanksgiving turkey. Although the stuffing you ate is long gone (even though the stuffing around your belt isn’t) this Kansas-crafted beer is still considered the one you should bring to Christmas dinner.

Beer Goggles also has raffles to things like tickets to Kansas State events on their Facebook page.

From locally-brewed stouts to something stronger when you see your extended family on the holidays, this store has you covered.

Between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 8 p.m. on Sunday, Beer Goggles’ door are open to provide you with your adult-beverage needs.

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