Dungeons and Dragons brings gaming community together in Manhattan

Dungeons and Dragons players gather at the Village Geek. (Stephanie Nutt | Collegian Media Group)

The Village Geek, Manhattan’s downtown comic and game store with a strong emphasis on building community through games, hosts “Dungeons & Dragons” campaigns every other Friday and Saturday.

The event welcomes novices and experienced players.

“D&D” gained popularity recently through its depiction in the popular Netflix Original Series “Stranger Things”.

(Stephanie Nutt | Collegian Media Group)

Dungeon master Ashley Flowers helps at these events. Flowers said a dungeon master is someone who guides the story and explains the world to players and helps interpret their actions and their effectiveness.

“The goal of the game is for everyone to enjoy the time they’re spending together and telling the story,” Flowers said.

Christian Tatham, senior in marketing, joined one of his residence hall floormates for the event last weekend.

“I love playing ‘Dungeon & Dragons,’ just the community that brings a lot of people together,” Tatham said. “I’m excited to get to know new people. I’ve learned ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ before in the past, but I just want to really learn how other people play the game. These are new people I’ve never met before so it’ll be cool to figure out how people do it differently.”

Character creation starts at 5:30 p.m. and actual game play begins at 7 p.m.. Beginner-level players begin creating characters by choosing their background, class and race like human, gnome, elf, etc.

“The cool thing is that pretty much anyone can play the game, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can make any character,” Tatham said. “You can watch ‘Game of Thrones,’ you can watch any Disney princess movie — you can make the character Dungeons and Dragons.”

Tatham himself plays a character based off “The Mandelorian” series on Disney+.

You can check for “D & D” events, as well as others, online at The Village Geek website or Facebook page.