Student senate approves bond surplus for Cats’ Cupboard, introduces changes to DPC


In Thursday evening’s student senate meeting, Student Governing Association discussed changes to the Diversity Programming Committee and approved the use of bond surplus funds for Cats’ Cupboard.

Student senators approved a three-year allocation of bond surplus money to Cats’ Cupboard. Jansen Penny, student body president and senior in industrial engineering, gave his rights of debate to Sarah Barrett, founder and supervisor of Cats’ Cupboard.

“Our program fully recognizes the important work that you all do across campus,” Barrett said. “You see things like this, and we understand that that is meaningful and it has a lasting impact. To many, Cats’ Cupboard is just a place to get food, and that’s okay. But I hope that in your discernment over the last few weeks, you’ve come to understand what really gets covered is actually an opportunity.”

“It’s an opportunity for individuals to receive nutritious food that they need and deserve,” Barrett continued. “It’s an opportunity for students to identify pertinent resources across campus and within our community. It’s an opportunity for students who are passionate to engage in service planning, and most of all, it’s an opportunity for students to realize their potential.”

The resolution passed unanimously by a voice vote. Cats’ Cupboard will receive $80,000 a year for three years, totaling $240,000. The resolution could be extended for an additional three years.

In addition, Nathan Bothwell, speaker pro tempore and junior in political science, introduced changes to DPC. In the amended bylaws, the International Affairs Director would be a voting member on the committee. In addition, the number of at-large members increased to two and the number of student senators on the committee decreased to one.

“The quorum member had to change because we had more voting members,” Bothwell said.

In addition, Bothwell introduced a bill to change the application requirements for projects being funded by DPC. The proposed bill would allow multicultural student organizations to apply for funding before the quarter their event would take place.

“They can apply for the entirety of the year now,” Bothwell said.

Student senate will reconvene at 7 p.m. Feb. 20 in Wildcat Chamber.