Valentine’s Day texts for your lover

Christina DeGraffenreid, then-senior in speech pathology and gerontology, checks her phone outside Radina's in Aggieville. This Valentine's Day, send your partner some love over SMS. (Archive photo by Abby Cambiano | Collegian Media Group)

It’s one of the most loved and most hated days of the year: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a budding relationship, a long-term partnership or are trying to start a new fling, it’s a prime day to show your affection via our generation’s love letter — texting.

Here are some templates for texting your lover a grand Valentine’s message today, sorted by relationship status. Throw some emojis in for extra flirty flair.

For making the first move on your crush

“Roses are red / Violets are blue / Just because I’m an English major doesn’t mean I’m a good poet / Pls be my boo.”

“You know, if we ***pretend*** to be a couple and get fake engaged at dinner, we’d definitely get free dessert.”

For your longtime love

“Is it OK if I wear sweatpants to Harry’s tonight?”

“After all this time, after X years of love, we always give each other flowers for Valentine’s Day. This year, let’s do something ~spicier~.” (Then, drop a link to the Edible Arrangements website.)

“You know, if we got fake engaged at dinner, we’d definitely get free dessert. … Yes, I know we’re already married, but it’s worth a shot.”

For your FWB

“I think we need to put some space between us for a bit. Like a table-wide space. Or an actual table. Dinner?”

“Let’s try something new in bed tonight 😉 I’ll bring wine.” (Hint: The new thing is confessing your true feelings for them, with emergency break-up wine at hand.)

For your saucy Tinder match

“Thanks for the super like! I super like getting discount chocolate, bring some to our first date?”

“I see you like to fish 🙂 I promise I won’t leave you hanging on the line when we go to the movies tonight.”

For your new boo

“I don’t know your middle name or your favorite TV show yet, but what I do know is you’ve got a place in my <3.”

“Having the third date on Valentine’s Day is pretty intense, so no worries! No pressure about gifts or anything 🙂 it’s casual.” (This is more for you than it is for them, oh God you’re so nervous, it’s OK, relax.)

For the person from biology class who you went on a date with once but it felt awkward, yet it wasn’t really their fault or yours

“It was great getting coffee with you last week! But I think our experiment needed to be in a more controlled environment. Mario Kart at my place?”

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