Collegian Staff Picks: Your weekend entertainment guide for books, podcasts and more

(Archive Photo by Parker Robb | Collegian Media Group)

Book: “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens

“So it’s a historical fiction, and it is about this young girl who is basically an orphan and has a really shit life and lives out in the swamp. It shows the dynamics between the rich folk and the poor folk in deep Louisiana back in the day.”

– Olivia Bergmeier, senior in journalism and mass communications

Movie: “Ford v Ferrari”

“The Ford Motor Company was failing, and they decided if it would be cool if they could win … Le Mans. So they get Carroll Shelby, who builds sports cars to come on and start building this sports car thing. And so the whole thing is that Ford Motor Company wants to beat Ferrari, so they think their sales are going to increase. … It’s just really action packed, and it’s dramatic, and it’s fun. You’ll want to watch it.”

– Linda Puntney, interim director of Collegian Media Group

Podcast: “Your Own Backyard”

“It’s a true crime podcast that revolves around investigating the disappearance of a college student named Kristin Smart. She went missing on the campus of Cal Poly in the 1990s and the journalist who produces it does a good job of gathering evidence and keeping up with the current status of the case. It’s super gripping, too.”

– Julie Freijat, Collegian copy chief and sophomore in journalism and mass communications

Show/Documentary: “Rotten”

“It’s a documentary series. … Ones about the avocado wars, so how global interests are affecting the avocado industry, one’s about the south of France and how people are producing cheap and fake wine. There’s another one about the bottled water industry and how it impacts not only our economy, but it impacts our climate.

“It’s taking capitalism to task, right? It’s saying, ‘How is it that we have allowed this system to grow. … People made millions and millions of dollars on it, and now the poor and destitute of our world are suffering and being impacted by it.’ And you and me are being impacted by it, but disproportionately people of color.”

– Nathan King, Collegian Media Group assistant advertising manager and senior in journalism and mass communications

Steam on: Netflix

Music: “still alive” by half alive

“34 million views? I listened to it when it has like 500,000. They’re blowing up faster than I can keep track. So the 80s [are] coming back, so I’m trying to get into my 80s boogie life. … I love weird people, I connect to them spiritually.”

– Abigail Compton, Collegian multimedia editor and senior in fine arts

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