Privilege Fee Committee recommends decrease to SGA’s allocation


Based off of the request of Student Governing Association, the Privilege Fee Committee recommended SGA receive a decrease in their overall allocation of $77,165. The vote passed unanimously among the eight voting members present.

The Privilege Fee Committee is an SGA committee made up of both student senators and at-large committee members commissioned from the student body. Throughout the year, some student leaders in SGA are compensated by this allocation. The chair of the Privilege Fee Committee receives compensation from this fee.

The recommended decrease amount would fluctuate over the next three years before arriving at a final total allocation amount of $70,338 in fiscal year 2023. Allocations in fiscal year 2021 will amount to $68,338 and and $69,324 in fiscal year 2022.

The decrease is driven by an overall decrease in SGA leadership compensation, which is recommended by the Joint Committee on Officer Compensation.

Sai Marre, SGA treasurer and senior in finance, said SGA is requesting such an unusual allocation model over the next three year cycle to rundown surplus dollars from previous years currently building up in reserves. At the end of the year, SGA is expected to have about $3,000 in carryover.

“I think what we recommended here is a good amount because it would leave us enough leftover, just in case, but it cuts out unnecessary expenses,” Marre said.

The committee plans to introduce the bill to the student senate on March 5.