Privilege Fee Committee recommends a decrease to Sports Clubs


The Privilege Fee Committee recommends a slight decrease to the Sports Clubs allocation. The allocation funds a subset of the Travel Allocations Committee.

This year, Sports Clubs received $69,000. For the next three year cycle, they are recommended to receive $51,000 from new student fee dollars and $16,000 from their reserve account, amounting to $67,000.

Carson Tjelmeland, chair of the Travel Allocations Committee and senior in chemical engineering, said the committee use approximately 92 percent of the total allocation and said $67,000 a year would be adequate.

Tjelmeland said the reserve account currently has $57,328. Approximately $36,000 was added to the account in the last year from an account left over from when Recreational Services used to allocate funds to Sports Clubs.

There are restrictions on how the dollars in the Sports Clubs account can be used. Tjelmeland said every year four percent of the allocation must be returned to the reserve account. The reserve account is used to fund sports clubs when they attend national competitions.

Tjelmeland said the account should maintain a balance of $10,000, but otherwise could be depleted over the next few years.

The Privilege Fee Committee debated for 30 minutes on the allocation.

The committee agreed the funds are well-utilized. The allocations benefit about 500 students, Alan Hinds, student senator and sophomore in agricultural economics, said, and it can be a recruiting tool for K-State that benefits the university.

“Some of these are recruiting tools, like people come here for the rodeo club,” Hinds said.

The recommendation passed unanimously.

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