Vintage K-State pop-up sales provide vintage clothing at lower price

Prothe's favorite finds while thrifting are graphic T-shirts from the '90s, which can be found at the pop-up sales. (Photo courtesy of Chace Prothe)

On Wednesday, students shopped for vintage Kansas State gear on campus, rifling through T-shirts, windbreakers and other apparel. The people behind the Vintage K-State sale — Chace Prothe, junior in personal financial planning, and Michael Safley, junior in political science — began this venture two years ago.

The duo started the pop-up sales when they were sophomores, starting with one in 2018 and then doing two more in spring 2019.

“They were so much fun, I knew I wanted to keep doing them to give students the ability to shop affordably and sustainably,” Prothe said.

The pop-up sale on Wednesday was their ninth event; previous pop-ups in this past year have appeared in Aggieville and at the Manhappenin’ Magazine release party.

The Instagram for Vintage K-State has become more active over the last few semesters and documents all their past pop-up sales. The account has also been offering exclusive deals.

“We offer coupons [and] giveaways,” Prothe said.

Prothe’s favorite finds while thrifting are graphic T-shirts from the ’90s, which can be found at the pop-up sales.

Prothe and Safley are always trying to grow, especially in what they do best, and that includes providing the best vintage clothing in Manhattan for the best prices, they said. They could raise the prices of the clothing they sell, but that would foil their motivation to keep prices low for students.

At the moment, Prothe and Safley said they have no “definite future” plans, but the two know they will always thrift for vintage clothing. Prothe said he loves the hunt and finds it extremely relaxing to go through hundreds of shirts.

“[I] could hit 15 stores in a row and be excited about every one,” Prothe said.

The goal for each pop-up sale is to get rid of everything they put out for people to buy.

“This allows us to fund our ability to bring back all new inventory the next time,” Prothe said.

The main objective is to restock on their supply of vintage clothing as much as possible.

Wednesday’s pop-up sale in Bosco Plaza attracted many students looking for clothing. Brady Wang, junior in supply chain management, was at the pop sale and purchased a K-State vintage windbreaker for $30.

Wang has been to every pop-up sale this year, and he said he always tries to find at least one thing that interests him.

“[I look] more for vintage clothing over K-State vintage clothing majority of the time,” Wang said.