Crowdsourced: What are you doing to keep busy while social distancing?

Credit: Linda Brodersen, Facebook Photo credit: Linda Brodersen

We asked, you answered. As it turns out, some of you are staying busy during quarantine. Here are a few of our favorite responses from Facebook and Twitter.

How are you staying busy during the quarantine?

Creativity is king

“Making custom levels for my favorite video games (because I’m a nerd).” — Kyle Hampel

“Building my photography website 📸”— Dylan Connell

It’s complicated

Fun and games

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” — Ashley Arnold

“Way too much Rainbow 6 Siege” — Stephen Kirkwood

“Watching the 2010 Kansas St. vs Xavier NCAA tournament game. Probably my most favorite K-State game of all time. Gus Johnson made the game 10x more exciting as always. #gocats” — Eric Bustillos

Social Interaction (with our only true friends)

“Feeding Bella & watching lots & lots & lots & lots & lots of TV with her!” — Linda Brodersen

Credit: Linda Brodersen, Facebook
Credit: Linda Brodersen, Facebook Photo credit: Linda Brodersen

“Lots of quality time with a polar bear sized dog who doesn’t understand this ‘social distancing’ thing” — Alyssa McCormick

Credit: Alyssa McCormick, Facebook
Credit: Alyssa McCormick, Facebook Photo credit: Alyssa McCormick

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