Powercat Financial continues to assist students through pandemic

Powercat Financial is still working to assist students seeking financial advice. (File photo by Alex Todd | Collegian Media Group)

Powercat Financial continues to be a resource for Kansas State students during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering online services.

Powercat Financial has been a resource for financial guidance and support in multiple areas including college financial planning and identity theft.

Following the stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines, Powercat Financial is still open to supporting anyone needing financial advice. They also send out information through social media and the Powercat Financial blog.

Out of 15 members on staff, 10 have been able to work remotely to help students in virtual meetings and calls.

Typically, the peer financial counselors see around 580 to 600 one-on-one clients and 6,000 students in group presentations per academic year.

So far this year, Powercat Financial has been able to help about 300 students one-on-one and 6,700 students in group financial education classes or online presentations.

“Right now there are a lot of students with financial stress and we want to make sure everyone can reach out to us and we can help guide them through some of those difficult challenges,” Jodi Kaus, director of Powercat Financial, said.

Kaus said one of the biggest challenges is being remote and not working with all of Powercat Financial’s partners, but still getting the word out to students about how they can help.

Students can get information and advice through the Powercat Financial blog. This includes advice on protecting money, avoiding email marketers and the top five financial tasks students should be doing now during the pandemic.

“We’ve been trying to address things students may be facing right now,” Kaus said.

One of the biggest general challenges that Powercat Financial helps students with is the process of being able to pay for college. Kaus said Powercat Financial helps students navigate available resources such as scholarships and help students feel that they’re not on their own.

As students get closer to graduation, students can connect with Powercat Financial to go over the transitions like how to pay back student loans, understanding job offers and the benefits that students might receive such as retirement plans and health insurance.

Students and staff can still request meetings online to speak over Zoom or the phone.