Three new cases of COVID-19 reported in Riley County

(Illustration by Abigail Compton | Collegian Media Group)

On Thursday, Riley County reported three new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 37.

David Adams, director of Riley County Emergency Medical Services, said these new cases are females aged 19, 47 and 57. All are isolating in their homes. Two of the individuals had close contact with others known to have COVID-19.

“There was a large spike in the number of positives in the state yesterday, and that’s concerning obviously,” Adams said. “When people are asking, ‘What is going to be the next phase? What is going to be the next step?’ That data the governor will have to take into consideration and we have no idea what the governor is going to do. We don’t believe we have hit our peak here yet.”

Individuals who are classified as recovered don’t receive a second test due to limited supplies of testing kits, Adams said. They must have gone three days without a fever and at least seven days must pass from the onset of symptoms.

Additionally, antibody testing is not available in Riley County, Adams said, and is not approved by the FDA at this point.

With nice weather, Kurt Moldrup, assistant director of the Riley County Police Department, said everyone has a desire to get outside and enjoy the weather.

“Nothing has changed as far as the stay-at-home order on gatherings of more than 10,” Moldrup said.

He adds this is the time that people want to get out under normal conditions, but it is discouraged. People are still permitted to exercise outside as long as they engage in social distancing.

“Citations can be written,” Moldrup said. “It is not our desire, we don’t want to go that route by any means, and fortunately we haven’t had to go that route.”

Gov. Laura Kelly’s statewide stay-at-home order is effective until May 3.

Individuals with symptoms are encouraged to call the screening line at 785-323-6400. People with non-emergent questions about COVID-19 in Riley County should send an email to

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