‘We’re still here’: Campus police still on duty with some extra precautions

A K-State Campus Police officer watches over the area outside the K-State Union following a campus-wide lockdown in 2015. (Archive Photo Parker Robb | Collegian Media Group)

Kansas State Police Department public information officer Lt. Bradli Millington said there are fewer crimes and cases showing up in the daily activity logs as students have vacated the campus because of COVID-19.

It’s been “nothing like when school is in session,” he said.

That doesn’t mean, however, the job of a campus police officer has waned.

While those in investigations and administration are able to work from home, most of the patrol officers and normal office functions are going as usual. A lot of their time has been devoted to walking campus, checking buildings and responding to alarms on campus.

“We’re still here,” Millington said. “For the officers, they’re still here, the patrol guys are still working.”

Campus police are taking some extra precautions, Millington said.

“We got [personal protective equipment] for everybody,” Millington said. “They don’t like to wear it when they’re just out and about, but if they’re going to a possible unknown COVID-19 case, we have it all for them to put on in there if they come in contact. They [also have] the option to wear masks.”

There are some heightened sanitation procedures as well.

“We got cleaning solutions that we’re cleaning the cars with, the people coming on shift clean it, people coming off shift clean it so it gets cleaned four times a day by the people in the cars,” Millington said.

Millington also said that they are all doing their best to clean the offices with the help from campus facilities workers.

To maintain their officers’ sanity, he said, they go outside and enjoy the weather whenever possible.

“They go outside for their briefing and information exchanges in the crossover shifts,” Millington said. “They are social distancing the officers themselves in the debriefing room. [We’ve] separated computers out so that they’re six to 10 foot apart and everything like that. But there are certain things that we do have to the guidelines as part of the jobs, to minimize that as much as possible.”

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