WATCH: Peaceful protests against police brutality continue in Manhattan


Manhattan, Kansas, and other nearby towns joined the protests against police brutality dominating cities across the United States this weekend. These protests come on the heels of the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minnesota on Monday.

Trumanue Lindsey Jr., the director of multicultural student life at K-State, was one of the organizers of the protest that started in Triangle Park Saturday morning. Some 200 people participated.

“It’s been too quiet,” Lindsey said. “I challenge you to speak just as loud when you’re around your peers, when you’re around your family. …When you see discrimination, prejudice, injustices — speak up, say something, do something. Don’t just be silent.”

JahVelle Rhone, Manhattan resident and pastor, also led the demonstration and march on Bluemont Avenue.

“Tell the story,” Rhone said. “And don’t just tell the story — speak up.”