Live with Lind: Midfielder Brookelynn Entz talks about starting her senior season, coming to K-State

Junior midfielder Brookelynn Entz takes a free-kick at game against Arkansas State. Arkansas won 2-1. (Luis Villarreal-Reyes | Collegian Media Group)

Editor’s note: This transcription is from the new Live with Lind Instagram series. Every Wednesday throughout the summer, sports editor Andrew Lind will interview a K-State student athlete. Check out the entire video on the K-State Collegian Instagram in the Highlights section.

Andrew Lind, Collegian sports editor: “You are about to enter your senior season, but let’s go back four years to your senior year of high school, talk about what made K-State stand out and how you ended up in Manhattan?”

Brookelynn Entz, senior midfielder: “I actually went on my first visit to K-State my sophomore year of high school because at the time that was kind of when recruiting started for soccer players before they made the new rule. I grew up like the biggest KU fan ever, and I knew Coach Dibbini because he used to coach at Kansas Wesleyan. Sometimes I would stay at his house to go to his camps when I was younger, and when I heard he was the coach at K-State I was like ‘Oh wow I need to go on a visit.’ I was like I probably won’t go there because I am a big KU fan and hated K-State all my life, but I went on a visit and literally fell in love right away with the coaches.

“Coach Gabe and Coach Dibbini at the time showed me around, I loved the facilities, loved the family atmosphere and I literally was sold like right away. I wanted to commit like right then, but I waited a little longer and then committed a few weeks later.”

Lind: “What are you doing to stay in shape while in quarantine?”

Entz: “Running — all the time. It is hard not to get burnt out, but I think you really have to keep the season in mind and know that you’re working for something that’s going to pay off in the end. I think all this time working by myself, grinding, is really going to pay off in the fall.”

Lind: “Being at school, you are away from your parents home-cooked meals, what is one meal that you miss the most when you are at school?”

Entz: “Definitely my mom’s desserts. I miss that so much when I’m at K-State because i don’t really like to cook or bake that much. Whenever I come home she has cookies, pie, brownies and cake, like everything. I just munch on that the whole time when I’m home. I going to miss that so much when I go back to K-State.”

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