#KStateStrong Emergency Response Fund helps furloughed faculty and staff

The K-State Foundation, the fundraising arm of the university, sits on the northwest corner of Denison and Kimball Avenues. (Parker Robb | Collegian Media Group)

Furloughed faculty and staff members will be able to receive financial assistance from the #KStateStrong Emergency Response Fund, John Morris, senior vice president of development at the KSU Foundation, said.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the KSU Foundation launched the emergency response fund as a way to help the Kansas State community. The fund has flexibility and can be used for a variety of things, Morris said.

“We’ve given donors options to give student opportunity awards to support students specifically,” he said. “And then also Cats’ Cupboard has been another fund that we have highlighted in our pursuit for gifts for K-State Strong so I think of it more as a campaign for all things happening on campus in response to COVID-19.”

Morris said the decision to include furloughed employees in the fund came from a few donors.

“They’ve been very generous,” he said. “One of these gifts was $250,000. That was a specific benefactor, who said, ‘I want to help this now.’ There’s been about two others that have come on board — not of that size but of significance — that said ‘We’d like to be able to help out.'”

University faculty who know they will be furloughed for the summer months meet the requirements for the fund. Faculty members can apply online or in person.

“There’s a webpage … and all the articles with the application,” Morris said. “If they don’t have access to the internet or electronic means, they can come to the Foundation headquarters at 1800 Kimball between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and fill out an application right here on our property.”

Donors can decide where their dollars go, and the Foundation has received generous gifts not only for furloughed faculty, but students and others in the community as well, Morris said.

“And I think what’s been inspiring has been the response of our K-State family,” Morris said. “… You know, these times have been challenging on everybody — including our donor base. And to see our alumni and friends, continue to support us — support our students, our faculty, our staff — even in these times, it gives us hope. It’s inspiring in so many ways and so we remain so grateful of their generosity and we know we can we can count on them going forward here.”

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