Johnny Kaw’s tentatively plans for Fake Patty’s Day equivalent in November

Citizens from Manhattan and surrounding areas come to Aggieville to celebrate Fake Patty's Day with their family and friends. With games, food, and music, there are plenty of things to keep people coming. (Archive Photo by Logan Wassall | Collegian Media Group)

Fake Patty’s Day is usually one of Aggieville’s biggest events, drawing crowds in by the thousands each year. However, plans for Fake Patty’s Day in 2020 were foiled by a mounting pandemic and a nearly vacant campus in March.

Most Aggieville businesses dropped out due to concerns for public health related to the outbreak. The Aggieville Business Association also announced it did not support the actions of businesses that tried to put the event on anyway.

Johnny Kaw’s is trying to create a new event in lieu of Fake Patty’s Day called Fake Givings Day, owner Brett Allred said. The bar has several locations in Aggieville, including Yard Bar, Bomb Bar, Shot Stop and House Party.

The concept for Fake Giving’s Day is similar to that of Fake Patty’s Day, but will take place on Nov. 20, 2020 — the last day of the semester where in-person instruction could occur at Kansas State. Students will not return to campus for classes following Thanksgiving Break, but will instead have an online dead week and finals week.

Allred said he is excited for this new addition to Aggieville’s list of events.

“Just like that another legendary Aggieville event is born,” he said in an email.

Johnny Kaws is hoping to have the support of the community and city officials before going through with plans. The event will only happen if it is safe by the set date, Allred said.

Details regarding Fake Giving’s Day can be found on Johnny Kaws Fake Giving’s Day Facebook page where updates are posted as the information is presented to them. At the time of publication, more than 1,200 people had indicated that they are going to the event or are interested in it.

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