Helpful hints: How to remain connected with others while socially distanced

Alyssa Hammond, then-sophomore in kinesiology, prepares to throw a frisbee to her friend. (File Photo by Katelin Woods | Collegian Media Group)

With COVID-19 forcing people to remain socially distant from friends, you may find yourself needing inspiration to connect in a safe way. Here are some suggestions to hangout in-person or virtually.

Remember, if you are meeting in-person, it is best to do so outside, and you should always bring your mask along with you.

1. A backyard hangout

Meet up with friends or family in your backyard or a park to sit at least six feet apart and catch up with everyone. If you want an activity, consider starting a book club and meeting weekly to discuss your book.

2. A virtual meal

If you want to hangout with friends, but are unable to meet in-person, get together on a video platform such as Zoom or Facetime. Share a meal virtually while catching up on what everyone is watching on Netflix, reading or where your favorite take-out meals come from.

3. A walk

Get together with a group of a few friends and find some trails to take walks on while enjoying each other’s company. Even simply walking around the neighborhood to get away from the computer and out for some fresh air is great when you need a break. If you’re not in the same household as your companions, make sure to wear a mask and try to keep your distance.

4. An outdoor activity

Gather in an open area to play some outdoor games that are low-contact to allow for social distancing. Playing soccer or golfing allows for physical activity while participants are properly distanced. For convenience and ease, play sports or games that don’t require a lot of equipment or money.

5. A quarantheme

If you are a part of a club or other group that meets virtually regularly, plan a theme for each time you meet. These could be what everyone wears, shares or brings and it gives the group the chance to get to know each other’s personalities. Some possible ideas are twinning day, throwback day or bring your pet day.