Big 12 announces 9+1 scheduling model for 2020 football season

(File Photo by Logan Wassall | Collegian Media Group)

The Big 12 Conference board of directors adopted the 9+1 scheduling model for the 2020 season. Each team will play 10 total games — nine of which will be conference games leaving one non-conference game.

The Big 12 also announced that the anticipated start time for conference games would be between mid-to-late September, with non-conference games likely played before conference games. The official start date will be solidified within the next few weeks.

With the new schedule model, the Big 12 also has the opportunity to host the Big 12 Championship on either Dec. 12 or 19, pushing it back either one or two weeks from the original Dec. 5 date.

Kansas State had three non-conference opponents originally scheduled for the 2020 season against Buffalo, North Dakota and Vanderbilt. All were scheduled as home games.

With the SEC recently announcing a conference only schedule as well, Vanderbilt is likely to be pulled from the Wildcats schedule. That leaves the possibility of either a matchup with Buffalo or North Dakota for the Wildcat’s one non-conference game.

The matchup with Buffalo or North Dakota would only happen though if K-State sticks with their original schedule. It still unknown when the Wildcats or the Big 12 will release their full schedules for the 2020 season.

Currently, K-State has four of its nine Big 12 games at home, including matchups with Texas, Kansas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. That could also be subject to change.

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