Letter from the editor: Collegian acts as watchdog, mirror and forum for K-State community

(Dalton Wainscott | Collegian Media Group)


My name is Bailey Britton, the new editor-in-chief for the Collegian, Kansas State’s student-run newspaper.

I began working at the Collegian as a freshman and have fallen in love with the smell of newsprint, the camaraderie of the newsroom and the thrill of writing on deadlines. This may make me sound crazy, but everyone has a passion, and mine happens to be the Collegian.

Going forward, the Collegian remains dedicated to covering K-State and the Manhattan community fairly, accurately and competently. During this trying time, local news coverage matters.

This semester will be trying on students, faculty and staff. COVID-19 very well may send us to different areas of the world once again. If that happens, the Collegian will continue to report on K-State’s response to the pandemic and keep students, their families and the rest of the community informed.

In addition, there is unrest revolving around race and political views among students. Our coverage of Black Lives Matter protests began this summer and we continue to push forward with sharing their voices, as well as others in our community.

We are a newspaper by students, for students, and we want to tell the stories of the student body. Right now, those stories are changing. Everyone has different experiences and it is our job to share them.

I learned in my first journalism class at K-State that newspapers are the watchdogs of government, a mirror for society and a forum to create dialogue in the community. Let the Collegian be that watchdog, that mirror and that forum.

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While this may be a troubling and confusing time, I believe we can get through this by working as a team.

Stay safe, stay healthy,

Bailey Britton

My name is Bailey Britton and I am the former editor-in-chief of the Collegian. Previously, I have been the assistant news editor and the managing editor. I have also interned for the Manhattan Mercury and the Colby Free Press. I grew up in Colby, Kansas, and I am a junior in journalism and English. Through the Collegian, I aim to provide the K-State community with quality news coverage while we learn to serve our campus.