Three years after new policy, no incidents on campus related to concealed carry violations

According to campus concealed carry policy, handguns must be completely hidden under clothing or in a bag. (Archive photo | Collegian Media Group)

The allowance for concealed carry of handguns at Kansas State and other Kansas Board of Regents schools began on July 1, 2017.

In accordance with state law, KBOR approved this new weapons policy, and since then, there have been no direct incidents on campus involving a concealed carrier.

This policy allows each university in the state to determine more specific ways to implement the policy on its campus.

KBOR approved K-State’s revised policy in Dec. 2016.

“Board policy also requires that lawful possession of a handgun on a campus be done safely in accordance with the law,” Matt Keith, director of communications for the Kansas Board of Regents, said.

The policy in reference states that secured and holstered handguns must be completely hidden under clothing or in a bag and are only to be used for self-defense.

Gun owners also must always have complete control over their weapon. Dropping, openly carrying or intentionally showing off a gun violates K-State’s weapons policy and state law.

“Kansas State University police have no reports of policy violations or open carry incidents on campus last year,” Bradli Millington, lieutenant with the K-State Police Department, said in an email.

Additionally, since the introduction of the campus carry policy, no traditionally alcohol-heavy events like Fake Patty’s Day have seen any weapon-related incidents.

“University police maintain an excellent working relationship with all local emergency responders, including Riley County Police Department,” Millington said.

It is also a crime under state law for felons and individuals under the influence of or addicted to alcohol or drugs to carry a concealed handgun.

Owners of handguns are prohibited from storing them in any university classroom, lab, office or other on-campus facility.

However, exceptions to this provision allow individuals to keep handguns locked in their personal vehicle or in storage devices for on-campus housing provided the individual is at least 21 years old and has received approval from university administration.

Any policy violation can be reported by calling campus police at 785-532-6412, with any of the blue emergency phones across campus or by using the LiveSafe app.

Millington said the university and surrounding community are encouraged to understand and take the weapons policy training on the campus police department website. A list of concealed carry instructors created by the state attorney general can also be found at that page.

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