OPINION: We’re falling into a season of fun new trends

As the sun sets outside of Bosco plaza, it shines brightly on a pair of maple trees. (File photo by Rowan Jones | Collegian Media Group)

As fall rolls around and the new school year shifts into high gear, many trends are making their way to the top of peoples’ list. While some prefer to set specific goals, others tend to go with the flow and see where they end up. In this list of upcoming trends for the fall of 2020, both attitudes are present.


Most people have already heard of this popular video-sharing app even if they have not already immersed themselves within the complicated culture of TikTok. The app, reminiscent of Musical.ly and Vine, allows users to create their own videos with new or used content, reuse sounds from songs or other videos and connect with others through duets and pop culture references. Overall, I expect to see TikTok flourish throughout the rest of 2020, particularly because the app allows users to find creative and humorous ways to act out their frustrations during the pandemic.

Home Workouts

Since quarantine, home workouts have grown in popularity. The most promising aspect of home workouts is their adaptability. People can lift weights in their garage or basement, complete body-weight workouts any time, and utilize stairways for explosive cardio exercise. Home workouts are also ideal for high-intensity interval training, or H.I.I.T., which involves several reps of an exercise with small breaks throughout to keep your heart rate up and promote the after burn effect. With the ease of access to thousands of at-home workouts online and the safety and variety of workouts, home workouts are sure to continue to dominate the fitness world in the near future.

Indoor Plants

During quarantine and lockdown, many people found themselves stuck inside all day, every day. To combat the lack of nature and sun, several people began buying indoor plants to care for. The indoor plants provide owners a chance to engage with nature and care for a living creature other than themselves. Having a sense of responsibility towards plants also gives owners a task to look forward to, and brings life to the inside of their home.

Plants are versatile, too, and can range from high maintenance to low maintenance, like succulents that hardly need watering. All that the plants require is a little tender love and care, and they will survive for months, much like this trend.

Bullet Journals

As an avid bullet journal user, I suspect this hobby will stick around for years to come. Bullet journals are inexpensive and the only real commitment is time, which is minimal. All bullet journalists have to do is create their own bullet journal pages (if lacking creativity, users can search layouts online and thousands of results will appear, ranging from insanely intricate to minimalistic) and fill out the information when they wish to do so.

Bullet journals provide an easy way to track habits, set goals and recognize areas for improvement, and they allow users to be creative. Even disorganized students will love this habit because of its ability to benefit each journalist in their desired aspect, and therefore will continue to be a trend for years to come.


Recently, several celebrities have been caught rollerblading through the streets. This activity provides the perfect amount of exercise and fun during a pandemic thanks to being relatively inexpensive and the ability to be socially distant.

Many people also engage in skateboarding and specialize in particular areas of boarding with longboards, penny boards or regular skateboards. Skateboarding provides a thrilling experience and can teach skateboarders neat tricks to impress their friends. Overall, I expect both rollerblading and skateboarding to continue to be popular throughout the fall semester.

Peyton Froome is a freshman in English. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to opinion@kstatecollegian.com.