REVIEW: On The (S)podcast is a comedic podcast of its own genre

Nate Kochuyt (left) and Lorna Hurt (right) perform in an improv show on October 29, 2018. Without in-person comedy shows, On The Spot Improv has turned to podcasting to continue laughing together. (Archive photo by Andrea Klepper | Collegian Media Group)

The world of podcasting seems to constantly be expanding into a never-ending web of topics. Finding the right podcast can be a daunting task without a clear idea of what to look for.

However, “On The (S)podcast” from Kansas State’s On The Spot Improv group is the perfect listen for Wildcats looking for a comedic podcast. Made by a group of friends, OTS covers a variety of topics from Meryl Streep to the pros and cons of blue cheese.

Launched in mid-June, OTS was created to keep the K-State community up-to-date with On The Spot.

Thirteen hour-long episodes later, OTS has become a fun, casual listen for college students.

It’s hosted by an improvised comedy group, so they do occasionally discuss improv, but OTS isn’t a podcast about theater. It doesn’t quite fall under one genre like the typical podcast.

“On The (S)podcast” truly is just a group of friends hanging out and talking daily life in quarantine, which jellybean company is better and the backstories of their inside jokes. Generally, this type of banter, “go-with-the-flow” style isn’t seen in the podcast scene. There’s usually a guiding topic to each episode.

Unconventional as it may be, this variation is what makes “On The (S)podcast” so refreshing and relatable. It’s a genuine conversation influenced by the hosts’ knowledge of improv comedy.

OTS has created its own niche: not having one. While maintaining the improvisational integrity of On The Spot Improv, “On The (S)podcast” is able to host a show that appeals to a variety of listeners.

The natural flow of the conversation through the editing process and into the actual episode delivery is a testament to how the group has cultivated their own creative style.

Full of laughter, anecdotes, and comedic splashes of performance, “On The (S)podcast” is a true gem in the podcasting community. It focuses on generating a positive, natural atmosphere both within the group’s recording and for the listener, making it the perfect listen for anyone missing the atmosphere of group hangouts or just needing a laugh to get through the day.

Meredith Comas is a freshman in English. The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Collegian. Please send comments to