A&H Farms celebrates ten years of annual fall festival with a socially distanced twist

The A&H fall festival features several activities for the whole family, including tricycle races. (Peyton Froome | Collegian Media Group)

A&H Farms kicked off its annual Fall Festival on Saturday, which will last through the end of October.

The farm is owned by Andrea and Hugo DeJesus. A decade ago, the pair began the fall festival tradition.

The front part of the building functions as a farm store, featuring fresh produce such as watermelon, cantaloupe and tomatoes. The farm also makes homemade cider slushies, cider doughnuts and salsa.

(Peyton Froome | Collegian Media Group)
The petting zoo at the fall festival includes goats, ponies and pigs. (Peyton Froome | Collegian Media Group)

Since COVID-19 restrictions began, A&H Farms has seen an increase in business with their products.

“Demand for our products, for our produce, is up this year,” Andrea DeJesus said. “I expect it to be up for our pumpkin patch as well.”

However, COVID-19 restrictions have rendered certain activities unavailable. The farm also set up sanitizing stations and increased acreage to accommodate for social distancing.

The farm is scattered with seasonal decorations, including painted hay bales the employees create and small play areas for children made of things found on the farm.

A fan favorite among the opening day visitors was the giant slide.
A fan favorite among the opening day visitors was the giant slide. Andrea DeJesus, co-owner of A&H Farms, said it's always a popular attraction.

Activities and attractions include train rides, a new apple cannon, a petting zoo, a corn maze and a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch features pumpkins of different shapes and colors, including orange, white and green pumpkins.

This year, the pumpkin patch is open seven days a week to keep crowds smaller.

The petting zoo includes goats, ponies and pigs. Attendees this year will also have the opportunity to see piglets, since one of the pigs at the farm gave birth a week ago. The animals are friendly, and freely roam within the pen for attendees to interact with.

A fan favorite among the opening day visitors was the giant slide and tricycle races, open to both children and adults.

“Our giant slide, they say it’s the best in the area,” Andrea DeJesus said.

The fall festival is just one event A&H Farms hosts. Throughout the year, they also host many other activities available to the public, including a sunflower patch before the fall festival and a petting zoo with baby animals in the spring. The farm also holds bonfires year-round available for all, and is looking into hiring bands to play music.

“I think nowadays kids don’t get to see so many things,” Andrea DeJesus said. “They get to come out and see a baby goat or a baby pig. You know, they’ve never seen it before. Getting to teach that is so important I think.”