What’s on the ballot: Candidates and issues for Riley County voters

Riley County voters have five contested races and one tax proposal to vote on in this year's general election. (Archive photo | Collegian Media Group)

This general election, voters in Riley County have some key contested races and one tax proposal on their ballots. Here are the issues and candidates they could be deciding on.


Riley County voters can vote yes or no to adopt a retailer’s tax of 0.5 percent to pay for city debt, public infrastructure, job creation initiatives and housing initiatives. The reason for this proposed tax is to stimulate economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riley County Commission

In District 2, Fanny Fang (Democrat) and Greg McKinley (Republican) are running to fill Marvin Rodriguez’s seat as Riley County Commissioner.

In District 3, Kathryn Grace Focke (Democrat) and John E. Matta (Republican) are running to fill Rob Wells’ seat as Riley County Commissioner.

Kansas State Senate, District 22

Craig Bowser (Republican) is running against incumbent state Sen. Tom Hawk (Democrat).

U.S. Representative from Kansas, District 1

Kali Barnett (Democrat) and Tracey Mann (Republican) are running to replace Rep. Roger Marshall (Republican) as the District 1 representative in the House of Representatives.

Kansas U.S. Senate

Barbara Bollier (Democrat) and Jason Buckley (Libertarian) are running against Rep. Roger Marshall (Republican) to represent Kansas in the U.S. Senate following current Sen. Pat Roberts’ decision to retire.

U.S. President

Presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris (Democrat) and Jo Jorgensen and vice presidential nominee Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (Libertarian) are running against sitting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (Republican).

Unopposed Races

This year, there are five unopposed races on the Riley County ballot, including:

  • Rich Vargo (Republican) for reelection as County Clerk.
  • Shiloh Herger (Republican) for reelection as County Treasurer.
  • Amy Manges (Republican) to replace Debbie Regester as Register of Deeds.
  • Barry Wilkerson (Republican) for County Attorney
  • Deena Horst (Republican) for the District 6 seat on the Kansas Board of Education.
  • Sydney Carlin (Democrat) for the District 66 Kansas State House seat.

Voters must also select (yes/no) whether Kansas Supreme Court Justice Eric S. Rosen should remain in office.

The same yes or no vote is up for the Kansas Court of Appeals judges Sarah E. Warner, David E. Bruns, G Gordon Atcheson, Karen M Arnold-Burger and Kathryn Gardner and Judicial District Court Judge Kendra S. Lewison.

Kansas voters can find a sample ballot for the county in which they are registered on the Kansas Secretary of State website as well as a breakdown of the candidates they have to choose from on the VOTE411 website.