‘He has an amazing work ethic’: Sophomore videographer finds passion in making content for K-StateHD.TV

Sophomore Alec Handlin attempts to get a shot of the soccer team in his second year with the Wildcats. (Photo Courtesy of Alec Handlin)

Sophomore Alec Handlin is one of few student content creators at K-StateHD.TV. A marketing major and a videographer for the soccer, track and field and cross country teams, Handlin has his hands full on a daily basis.

Born and raised in Winfield, Kansas, Handlin had a different high school experience. He moved to North Carolina as soon as he entered high school. While there, Handlin met someone who became a large influence on his interest in videography.

Drew Blevins, a recent graduate of North Carolina State University, began teaching at Handlin’s high school during his junior year. He helped Handlin find his passion for videography after a rough start with the profession.

“Junior year, he was my new teacher and he showed me how much more fun this is, and that’s when I started to do this stuff in my free time as well,” Handlin said.

Handlin believes he is good at what he does — and he has the proof: He’s helped elevate his team’s social media platforms to unexpected levels of success.

Kat Benton, assistant coach for the soccer team, sees that having someone like Handlin around is critical to recruitment and helps with the image of the soccer program.

“The product he produces is filled with passion and care, he understands the vision of the program and what we are trying to achieve,” Benton said.

Not only does Handlin have that passion while filming, but also when editing.

“He has an amazing work ethic and puts in countless hours to make sure the best video content is being produced,” Katherine Benhardt, junior in journalism and mass communications and a videographer for K-StateHD.TV, said. “Alec is always looking for new ways to elevate his content and is always looking to evoke emotion, putting exciting energy into his work, and it shows.”

Handlin realized it’s not just the editing that helps make the video great, but the relationships he has with the players.

“When it comes to editing, I feel like the closer you are with the players, your videos change completely,” Handlin said. “I saw that with soccer because I wasn’t really close with them last season, but this year with my videos I am able to get their personalities to come out.”

Benton agreed.

“He knows how to cut, edit and piece and he knows the content he needs to fill the story because he is around us a bunch,” Benton said.

When athletes hear Handlin is coming to record a hype video or a story on an athlete, they get excited.

“I think the hype videos build confidence and he has a way of showing the girls in such a positive light that highlights the best moments and plays,” Benton said. “He is really good with his musicality and timing in his editing.”

Learning these techniques helped improve the content Handlin created during his time at Kansas State. He knew some skills already coming into his job with HD.TV, and some he learned along the way while working with others.

When in the workroom, the HD.TV staff always learn from each other.

“He steps up and helps me, new staff and anyone that might need help especially when it comes to editing,” Benhardt said. “He has helped me personally a lot this year and it is always exciting showing him my work because he is supportive while also helping provide constructive criticism, making me become the best editor I can be.”

Handlin loves what he does, and he always enjoys seeing the reactions of players when he produces something for them.

“You can take something as simple as two players running around Manhattan with a vacuum and make it so fun,” Handlin said. “Or even just something as simple as a hype video before a game. I could edit for 24 hours a day and not get tired of it.”

In the future, Handlin hopes to produce music videos in Los Angeles for someone on tour. Handlin is also not ruling out shooting videos for a professional or collegiate sports team his first few years out of school.

“He is integrated into our soccer family and his attention to detail is going to be special for wherever he goes,” Benton said.