Collegian Media Group launches housing website to help students, Manhattan locals find off-campus rentals

MHKhousing will be available for renters in Manhattan beginning January. (Illustration courtesy of Collegian Media Group)

Collegian Media Group launched an official off-campus housing website available for use in January. While primarily focused on Kansas State students, MHKhousing is available to any potential renter in the Manhattan Area.

The easy-to-navigate website filters rentals by exact specifications, allowing users to select from various criteria including distance from campus, price range and size. Users can then access a list of available housing based on the parameters, and property managers will be notified to speed up communication.

With a distance range of one mile to over ten miles from campus, students can find rentals within walking distance of their classes. A wide price range also improves accessibility for those in the housing market.

Listings provide detailed descriptions of each available property. Upon selecting a rental, users are met with the floor plan, amenities, rental rates and lease term. Quality photos showcasing the entire property are also available.

The filters on the homepage make the website a user-friendly search tool to find available rentals year-round.

Another convenient feature of the site is the “My Favorites” tab found on the homepage. With this tool, users can archive their most liked feature homes with a click.

Dominique McGlynn, advertising assistant manager at the Kansas State Collegian, said the MHKhousing site is unlike any other K-State students have seen.

“This website is unique in many ways,” McGlynn said. “It’s a consolidated website with many housing options and types to choose from in our local Manhattan and surrounding areas.”

Built by students familiar with the off-campus housing process, the website offers an extensive catalog of rentals in one convenient location.

“The advising staff and I took a lot of gathered information and created a website we thought would best fit those of not only incoming freshmen but all forms of students here on campus,” McGlynn said.

The “Guides” tab will provide student-written stories, providing a way for renters to connect with the faces behind the website. These stories will provide tips for renting in Manhattan and general apartment living. Having students work on the site created a personal touch and user experience unlike any other.

“We’re going to be constantly interfacing or in front of students throughout the year,” Daren Lewis, advertising advisor for the Collegian, said. “That’s what makes us different.”

During the pandemic, students and non-students alike struggled to find housing. As the number of positive cases in Riley County continues to rise, it is difficult to meet with realtors in person. This website provides an effective solution by narrowing the search and incorporating virtual tours. Video links allow for a socially distanced look inside the homes. Students can find everything they need to know with a few clicks.

“We’re making it as virtual as we can for the students who don’t feel comfortable touring houses right now,” Hannah Lucas, advertising manager for the Collegian, said.

Renters looking for non-dormitory housing can use the website at the beginning of the spring semester. Instead of searching through multiple websites and realtors, MHKhousing acts as a one-stop-shop for listings in Manhattan.

The website is expected to become the primary housing service for K-State students and Manhattan locals. Collegian Media Group will continue to market this service across all publications and communication channels.

This project is unlike anything the Collegian Media Group has undertaken before, and the group is excited for the website’s launch. The hope of the website is to make finding an off-campus rental a painless process. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the website as soon as possible and utilize the service to its full potential.