Small business owner minimizes her carbon footprint with embroidery, giving back to community

Maryanna Porter's passion for embroidery and thrifting has led her to become a small business owner (Photo courtesy of Lived in Lavender)

Maryanna Porter, owner of the Lived in Lavender brand, is passionate about repurposing clothing. When she realized she could use her passion for something bigger than enjoyment, she took a chance.

Porter enjoys thrifting for clothes, creating handmade items, supporting local missions and, above all else, repurposing items others thought to be useless.

Her small company gives her the freedom to create her own things.

(Photo courtesy of Lived in Lavender)
(Photo courtesy of Lived in Lavender)

“Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I have always wanted to own my own business,” Porter said. “It’s become a community, support system and a way of giving back. Lived in Lavender now means sustenance for myself, for the things I care about and for mine and my family’s future.”

Her small business supports her and her sponsored child living in Bolivia who makes her want to continue on with her mission.

“My love for creating, my love for flowers and different colors, but mostly my love and respect for the slow fashion movement and what it means to shop small are just some of the many things the inspire me,” Porter said.

Allie Rose Bush, a close friend of Porter, said Lived in Lavender was previously called Campfire Crochet. The rebrand, Bush said, was the best choice for the business.

“Instead of her business being crocheted products and the name reflecting that, Lived in Lavender allows her to create not only crocheted products but also beautifully embroidered products,” Bush said. “Lived in Lavender encompasses her talents of crochet, embroidery, thrift-finded magic, and literally whatever her incredibly talented and creative mind can think of.”

(Photo courtesy of Lived in Lavender)
(Photo courtesy of Lived in Lavender)

Katie Leitz, another friend of Porter, said she only sees big things in store for Lived in Lavender.

“Maryanna has created such a strong and unique platform for herself — the possibilities are honestly endless,” Leitz said.

Alongside support from her close friends, Porter also receives a great deal of positive feedback from those who shop the Lived in Lavender brand.

“This small business allows me to minimize my carbon footprint with preloved garments that are made into something new and unique,” Kaila Carnley, a customer of the brand, said. “I love the variety of pieces to choose from that I can’t possibly get anywhere else.”