Student senate creates Tuition Enhancement Committee, approves new attorney general


On Thursday evening, the student senate approved the appointment of 10 students to the Student-Centered Tuition Enhancements Committee.

The committee members will allocate approximately $700,000 to help implement new programs or initiatives to benefit the student body.

“We’ll see the legislation that they write in about a month or so, so that’s exciting,” speaker of student senate and senior in political science and communication studies Nathan Bothwell said.

Bothwell also gave an update on the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee, which he co-chairs with Tel Wittmer, student body president and senior in secondary education.

Bothwell said some general student concerns arose in the last year related to tuition and fees and the task force will look into the system and make its recommendations around April.

“There were no academic colleges who proposed a new fee for the coming school year, so there should not be any changes in those fees unless the tuition task force were to do something crazy with their tuition and fees model,” Bothwell said. “But no, do not expect to see an increase in your fee amounts for credit hour based on what college you’re in.”

Student senate also swore in Annaleigh Hobbs, junior in marketing and economics and deputy attorney general, to serve as attorney general.

Hobbs’ term begins on the last day of the spring semester and concludes on the last day of the spring 2022 semester.

Additionally, election commissioner and senior in political science Trey Kuhlmann encouraged everyone who is interested in running for election to sign up as soon as possible in KSIS.

The deadline to file for student body president is Feb. 12, and all other positions must be filed before Feb. 19. More information can be found by contacting the Center for Student Involvement.

During an open period at the meeting, Senate Operations Committee Chair and senior in computer science Andrew Booze highlighted the importance of avoiding polarization in office on the basis of party lines.

“We all lose when we get to the point where both sides hate each other,” Booze said. “We’re currently moving into an elections season, so I’m hoping people keep this in mind.”

The student senate will reconvene Thursday, Feb. 11, via a hybridized Zoom and in-person format. Students interested in attending future meetings can email Bothwell at