Women celebrate each other this Galentine’s Day

Women celebrate "Galentine's Day" with food, fellowship, and fun. (Mary Kate Zach | Collegian Media Group)

Some women celebrate Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, by showing appreciation for the women and friendships in their lives.

Carlee Dubbert, senior in business management, will grab key ingredients and friends for “good food, good wine and good times.”

Dubbert said she plans on celebrating this Galentine’s Day with seven of her closest friends. She said they’ll make charcuterie boards, drink wine and exchange gifts with their “secret Galentine.”

For many ladies like Dubbert, it’s a day to care for friends by spending quality time with one another, reminding each other they are loved and important, and even exchanging gifts.

“Boyfriends and girlfriends focus on getting chocolates, roses and your favorite necklace, while we’re just like, ‘Screw that. We’re taking care of each other this year,'” Dubbert said.

Natalia Rodriguez, junior in human resource management and Spanish, said she will celebrate with her friend. The two became friends and sorority sisters during their freshman year.

Rodriguez said in the past, she’s given notes and candy for Galentine’s Day, but this year she and her friend plan on making pasta, eating dessert, exchanging gifts and watching movies to celebrate.

“I love this holiday because it’s an excuse to celebrate all the amazing women around me,” Rodriguez said.

“There is a stereotype about Valentine’s Day,” Dubbert said, “that you need to spend it with your significant other or someone that means a lot to you. But, to me and my friends, it is more about getting together and sharing funny memories that we have with each other and building off of those and just coming together and supporting one another.

“I don’t need a man, my best friends are always what’s important,” Dubbert continued. “I know if anything were to happen, they’re only a phone call away or one car ride away.”

Dubbert said this holiday doesn’t care whether you are single or in a relationship: anyone can take the opportunity to celebrate the amazing women in their lives.

Besides providing an opportunity to celebrate, this holiday prompts women to have a conversation with their friends they might not normally have.

“I try to make it a point to remind my friends that they are important to me and that they are loved,” Rodriguez said,

Dubbert said the pandemic has given her fewer opportunities to hang out with her friends, so she and her gal pals had to be more intentional about meeting this year. Although the women haven’t celebrated quite like this in years past, Dubbert said they hope to continue celebrating Galentine’s Day in the future.