Intercultural Leadership meeting to be public, Myers to attend

The ILC will be reaching out to constituents soon to gather their questions for the meeting. (Bailey Britton | Collegian Media Group)

The Intercultural Leadership Council made the decision to make the March 26 meeting with President Richard Myers public.

Vedant Kulkarni, international affairs director and senior in management information systems, said he hopes that Myers attends the meeting, stays throughout the meeting, gives constructive answers and accepts constructive criticism with open-heartedness.

Kulkarni also said he wants to make sure Myers’s cabinet and administration meet the goal he set for a more inclusive Kansas State.

“When I was reading about President Myers through Wikipedia, I just think that somebody who has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom should have absolutely no issues having a productive conversation with a 20-year-old,” Kulkarni said.

The ILC is serving as the panel at the meeting. Kulkarni said the council knows of a lot of peers who plan to attend.

The ILC will reach out soon to constituents to gather their questions for the meeting. Kulkarni plans to use social media and email as platforms to submit questions to.

“If it’s live-streamed, I hope to do it like Youtube Live, where people can put questions and their feedback on the comment section as well,” Kulkarni said.

Trumanue Lindsey, director of Diversity and Multicultural Student Life, said the meeting is, however, still in the planning phases.