Voter turnout down from last year, still good, elections commissioner said

Senior in animal science Michael Dowd won the 2021 Student Governing Association student body presidential election on March 10. (Josie Whitaker | Collegian Media Group)

In the 2021 Student Governing Association elections, students cast 2,470 total votes across Kansas State’s seven undergraduate colleges, graduate school and College of Veterinary Medicine. For the student body presidential election, students cast 2,367 votes.

The discrepancy in votes between the presidential election and the other offices could be based on interest of those voting, Trey Kuhlmann, SGA elections commissioner and junior in political science, said.

“There are some people who maybe they aren’t interested very much in some of the other positions to vote for and so they didn’t vote anywhere else,” Kuhlmann said.

Senior in animal science and global food systems leadership Michael Dowd received 1,517 votes to win the office of student body president. Cameron Koger, junior in marketing and student finance director, is his vice president.

Results for the 2020 election are unavailable as the SGA website has a glitch, Kuhlmann said. However, he said last year there were 800-900 more voters.

“I did not expect that we would see similar results as what we had last year,” Kuhlmann said.

(Infographic by Bailey Britton | Collegian Media Group)
(Infographic by Bailey Britton | Collegian Media Group)

In 2019, students cast 2,340 votes for student body president and 2,318 total for the colleges. That year, former student body president Jansen Penny won with 1,805 votes and was unopposed after Ryan Kelly, graduate student in communication studies, was disqualified.

Kuhlmann attributes the decrease in voters in the 2021 election from the 2020 election to COVID-19. However, he said voter turnout has been an issue in SGA for awhile.

“We all want to find ways to help them do it, but COVID-19 has definitely exacerbated the issue of the presence of SGA on campus, and making people more involved and know about SGA outside of just seeing when the campaign posters show up that once a year,” Kuhlmann said. “Making sure that it’s present and actually something students care about.”

This year, campaigns utilized sidewalk chalking, tabling in the K-State Student Union and social media to promote their campaigns.

“I was super satisfied with the work, especially with what the campaigns did to try to reach out with what means they could with fewer people on campus,” Kuhlmann said.

College by college results

College of Agriculture

  • Bryston Warren
  • Caleb Stout
  • Ely Eslinger
  • Parker Vulgamore
  • Bryce Atchison
  • Mason Prester
  • John Mayor

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

  • Melody Holland
  • Tanner Koch

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Lily Colburn
  • Marissa Lux
  • Sara Wallace
  • Lane Lundeen
  • Marta Richenburg
  • Rachel Grollmes
  • Jackson Willis
  • Jessica Binckley
  • Alexa Scheer
  • Durga Jambunathan
  • Arianna O’Donohue
  • Katerina Thomas
  • Meredith Comas

College of Business Administration

  • Megan Splichal
  • Natalia Rodriguez
  • Ashley Grills
  • Blake Phillips
  • Vedant Kulkarni
  • Allyson Demott
  • William Bannister
  • Fischer Carr

College of Education

  • Joshua Diazdeleon
  • Payton Lynn
  • Ashley Elliott

College of Engineering

  • Andrew Booze
  • Creighton Glasscock
  • Carer Oeding
  • Jakob Long
  • Brian Blood
  • Juan Pineda Gomez
  • Nicholas Saia
  • Bradyn Tacha
  • Luke Kramer
  • Calvin Nelson

College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Grace Reiman
  • Richard Salmen
  • Michael Cunningham
  • Travis Gardner
  • Emily Farthing (write-in)
  • Erin Rose May (write-in)
  • Kye Schmale (write-in)

Graduate School

  • Marcus Kidd
  • Lauren Dock
  • Billy Croslow
  • Laura Bain
  • Donald Riffel (write-in)
  • Jake Anderson (write-in)
  • Rich Myrick (write-in)
  • Nathan Bothwell (write-in)

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Cristina Marquez
  • Grace Calo
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